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Hollywood’s newest action thriller, The Black Russian

From Examiner: “2012 was a good year for action movies with classics like “Skyfall”, “Avengers”, and “The Grey”, but as we look ahead to 2013 there is one action movie you should keep an eye out for “The Black Russian”. This action conspiracy thriller combines the action of Man on Fire with the suspense of Taken. The story focuses on a Los Angeles attorney when he discovers that his photojournalist girlfriend has gone missing on assignment in Pakistan. Unsure whether she is dead or alive, he delves into a world of terrorism, drug trafficking, and corruption to find the answers.” Read... read more

Featured in Filmmaker Magazine

From Filmmaker Magazine:  My Journey From Doctor to Actor/Filmmaker: How I Produced, Starred in and Profited from My Indie Films “Most importantly, being an independent filmmaker these days is not so different from being an entrepreneur. You have to be willing to take risks, you’ve got to put your own money in the game.” Read... read more

From Pop Culture Passionistas: Paul Sidhu from Dermosurgeon to Action Start

From Pop Culture Passionistas: “The beauty of Hollywood is that there’s so set path to becoming a star. Harrison Ford was George Lucas’ carpenter before he got cast in his career re-booting role in American Graffitiand Halle Berry worked the pageant circuit before landing her first TV series. So it’s not totally unprecedented for Amar Sidhu to have taken his unusual path.” Read... read more

From Just Luxe Magazine: Action Film’s Next Big Thing: Paul Sidhu

From Just Luxe: In 2008, Amar founded his production company Ancient Arrow Films and produced and starred in his first film Aakhari Decision by 2009, released in India and North America in 2010. Wearing multiple hats didn’t come easy for Amar, but he plunged on, inspired by actors like Sylvester Stallone and Ben Afleck, who regularly take on multiple roles for their productions. Read... read more

Featured in LA Splash: Action Star Paul (Amar) Sidhu

From LA Splash: ” ‘It started with a film called Aakhari Decision, which is a film we shot here in L.A. and in Bombay, India. I had come up with a concept and gotten together with a screenwriter, produced and acted in it myself. It was shot in India more just to try to find places to shoot where we had some connections, where we could actually get bargains or a deal, and be in a comfortable setting. But if I had to do that film over again, I’d shoot it in English because the story line was very western.’ “” Read... read more